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  • George Soto-Enriquez standing in solidarity with the CTU!

    News sources depict low-income families as the most in need of schools to be open, but they do not walk these streets and hear the unwavering support for our educators. Having been one of Karen Lewis' students at Lane Tech High School I know first hand that this strike is about the quality of our education as she has been fighting for these ideals for decades. Mayor Daley started this mess when he put out his "Renaissance 2010" program and that is how he thought he would defeat the CTU. Now Rahm and his union busting buddy Brizard are looking to finish his job. Please take a look at Brizards involvement with the New York Teachers Union and realize this is the real agenda. We will stand in solidarity with the teachers of Chicago and demand a quality education for all children! 

    What people have to realize and the community members who have been standing in solidarity with the teachers understand is that things such as the teachers working conditions are the same thing as a child's learning environment. And the stability of a teachers job is the same stability a child will get when they have consistency from the teachers that stand in front of them on a daily basis. Being involved in more than just the debate is key for the success of our students. I do not have any children yet I sit on the Local School Council for my community school because I am invested in the development of my community and know that a better education will lead to a better community. Being involved in the school systems I have also seen the inequalities that exist in the classroom. At the school I serve half of our children went w
    ithout text books last year and all of our children began classes September 4th without text books and without a Principal due to the inaction of the Board of Ed. Where is their accountability? Although plans by the mayor to extend the school day may sounds great to parents who work till late evenings, we have to really scrutinize how the money to cover such expenses is invested. The last time CPS extended the school day for students, it added 15 minutes to the school day adding several days to the school year in terms of hours. The city applauded its officials for their commitment to education yet they did not realize that all this translated to was a 1 minute increase to each period adding no value to instructional time. Teachers are fighting for a voice in these kind of changes, because most curriculum, and pedagogical changes that are made on a citywide or statewide level are imposed on them and they are not given a voice let alone the tools necessary to translate the additional time in the classroom into a true benefit for the children and not just a benefit for the parents who get to skip out on paying a baby-sitter or for extracurricular activities. For example the state board has changed its "Illinois State Board Of Education Standards" to the "Common Core Standards" this year yet our teachers have not been trained to successfully meet these new goals that seem to come in to play with every new politician that gets elected. Why not give teachers more of a voice and control over things like state standards so that they are more consistent and dont change with every politician. I encourage you all to really become involved because we have an amazing opportunity to really make a difference and reform our education system for the better. This conversation is a good first step but actions speak louder than words.
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